Oliver W. Kim

What I Read

Over the years I’ve built up a surprisingly large list of economics sources that I follow.

I favor RSS feeds and blogs over Twitter, which makes me something of a dinosaur. Future iterations of humanity will find it profoundly weird that academics were disentangling complex policy issues on a platform designed for 280-character takedowns. Twitter can be a nasty place, and even when it’s nice it’s a real time sink.

I organize my sources using Feedly.

The Old Reliables

These are the economics blogs that even non-economists follow.

Paul Krugman is the 800 pound gorilla of the blogosphere. Anything he writes will likely be linked to by a dozen other macroeconomics bloggers.

Marginal Revolution is the other behemoth in the econ blogosphere, writing from the opposite side of the political spectrum. (The biggest guppy in the puddle, so to speak.) Tyler Cowen can always be relied on for a contrarian take. He seriously has his blinders on about Singapore.

The Historians

And then there are a whole bunch of